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legal issues at learning english

Legal And Privacy.

My name is Lynsey. I'm a legal advisor at Learning English, living and working in Richmond. This page is about ethical and legal issues at Learning English. It's about our intentions, duties, and copyright. It's about your expectations, rights, and privacy.

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For Ever?

Learning English has taken years to create, and it's our intention that it will continue. However, in the real world, we cannot defeat world economics, weather systems, natural disasters, illness, and other negative factors, so the project may be temporarily disrupted or stop.

We Agree

A Licence To Learn.

When you buy software, it usually includes a licence, on screen or on paper. The licence tells you what you can do and can't do with the software. If you accept the licence, you can use the software.

Generally, there are two types: a single user licence at a fixed price, and a multiple user licence at a price that depends on the number of users. Learning English works in the same way:

If you're learning on your own, you need a single user licence. A single user licence usually lets one person use Learning English, anytime, anywhere, with no time limit.

If you're learning as part of a group, you need a multiple user licence. A multiple user licence usually lets a fixed number of people use Learning English for a fixed period.

We Agree Again

Privacy And Security.

My name is Clark. I live in Kensington, in London, and work in internet services at Learning English. If you have a question about security, you can email, telephone, or write. Remember that the time here is GMT.

If you don't want to use your debit or credit card on the internet, print the form, complete it, and post it to me at .

Information you choose to give us is regulated by the Data Protection Act 1998. We don't use your details to promote products, advertise services, or send internet newsletters. After we email your password to you, all your details are deleted.

Broken Pen


If you buy a pen, and it doesn't work, you can return it to the shop and get your money back. The important thing is that you can't use it.

With Learning English, you cannot return your password and get your money back because anyone can still use it. Please think about this before becoming a licensed user, because the password unlocks Learning English.

To help you decide, we've let you look at a free module, explained how everything works, and given you all our contact details.


Writing The Modules.

My name is Lorna. I work in design services at Learning English in London. You can contact me if you have a question about the design. If you call, remember that the time here is GMT.

The module content may express some lifestyle views and values which are different from your own. Remember, they have been chosen to help you learn English, and do not necessarily represent the attitudes or opinions of anyone connected with the modules.

The images are not intended to mis-represent any part of any real person's life. If you feel that we have used your picture in a way that displeases you, please contact us. However, it's worth saying:

A parody is a new copyrightable work, based on a previous copyrightable work, that uses the minimum likeness necessary to illustrate a social commentary without damaging the original.

Although English is the international language, we are not suggesting that it is better than other languages. It is very important to use and value your own language.

The Black Hole

Future Proof?

Learning English is committed to innovation, development and educational excellence, so the modules will be described in forward-looking language. However, as we depend on computer technologies, the product, content, and services may not perform as anticipated. For security reasons, passwords may have to be changed.

Cherry Heaven and Learning English are proprietary names. Products, content, and services use, and work with, information and technologies from other companies, whose copyright is acknowledged and respected.

The UK Flag

English Law.

Learning English is a valuable resource. Although the content is checked carefully, it is quite impossible for us to be sure that every detail is correct. So no responsibility can be accepted for any omissions or mistakes, or damage or loss resulting from them. By accepting the licence you have agreed that any disputes will be resolved under English law, in England.

The Legal Monster

Duties And Rights.

Learning English is protected by Cherry Heaven and Oxford English copyright, 2003-. It is not OK to let other people copy any part of it, or use your password, so please respect our commitment to you.

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