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How Learning English Works.

This page tells you more about Learning English: what it is, how it works, and why it's a good way to learn. You can look at some free pages using the free-try link below the menu bar near the top of the page.

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An Introduction To Learning English.

Learning English will help you use, understand, and remember the English language. You can improve your personal, social, and business English; learn to read, write, and speak English effectively; and express your thoughts, feelings, and ideas, using a natural style and a modern vocabulary.

I asked Natalie, a television presenter, to tell you about Learning English so that you can hear someone speaking English. To play or pause Natalie, click the player. Listen to it several times, and then say it yourself.

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Traditional Learning Methods.

Akira lives in Kyoto, Japan. Like many people, all round the world, she started to learn English at school or at college. She learnt more at home, at work, or on holiday, and remembered phrases from magazines, television, and films.

But, to learn to read, write, and speak English well, she needed to do more: she needed to understand how modern English is used in many different personal, social, and business contexts.

Learning from grammar books, audio cassettes, and videos is not enough. For example, you usually learn simple sentences, such as:

My name is Akira, I'm 26, and I live in Kyoto.   Note: Not I am living.
I want two coffees with milk, please.   Note: Not milks.
Where is the bus station? Is there a bus to Cambridge?   Note: Start with Excuse me, where is the ...

But, often, when someone talks to you, you don't understand everything, or you can't continue the conversation in an interesting way. So, making friends and building business relationships is not easy.

An English course in England is popular and memorable, but many people don't have the time or the money. Also, when the course ends and you travel home, you leave the course, and everything English, in England. With Learning English, it's always with you.


On-Line Learning.

Learning English is unique. It's an on-line, interactive, multimedia, language experience, about hundreds of topics, for intermediate speakers.

On-line means that you need to be connected to the internet to use it. Interactive means that you have to do things whilst you are using it. Multimedia means that it uses many media: text, audio, video, animations, diagrams, and photographs.

You can use any computer at work, your notebook in the departure business lounge, a university library computer, your computer at home, any computer on holiday, or just relax with a cappuccino in an internet cafe.

Learning English is more convenient than conventional learning programmes, and more interesting than textbooks, dictionaries, and reference encyclopaedias.

Each part, or module, explains a familiar real-life idea. You can look at the module topics by using the what's-inside link near the top of the page. So, in a familiar way, you'll learn about modern language, grammar, pronunciation, and comprehension, as naturally as people who live and work in the UK. It's about real people, like you, living a life like yours.

Learning English is not a list of phrases, paid for by adverts. It's not grammar help, put on the internet by a language school. It's not a few pages about how to buy food and answer the telephone. It's not an electronic book. And it's not for beginners.


Why Learning English Is So Good.

For students and teachers, it's a helpful and useful addition to your classes. Improve your English. Meet new people, explain your thoughts, express your feelings, share your ideas, and make a better social life.

At college or university, you can develop the skills that you use most. The way you speak and write helps you to pass exams, teach others, make lifelong friends, and find a rewarding job.

Enjoy your holidays. Many people, all around the world, are learning English. Wherever you travel, you will usually find someone who can speak English, and wants to help you or talk to you.

Even if you're a natural English speaker, born in England, living in England, and speaking English all the time, it's an opportunity to refresh your understanding of grammar, use English more effectively, help your children at school, improve your options at work, and plan a better future. All in an easy and enjoyable way, without committing yourself three times a week, for twenty six weeks, to evening classes.

If you're a writer, a journalist, a translator, or work in the media, your English is important. So learn how to write better business letters, love letters, books, articles, or reports. Learn to understand the language, choose the right words, use effective punctuation, and avoid grammar mistakes. And your work won't need correcting, wasting your valuable lifetime.

Women In Business

Learning English As A Business Skill.

English is the international language for business, technology, science, the internet, and travel. And, because more and more people speak it as their second language, Learning English is your passport to easy and successful worldwide communication.

In business, industry, and finance, you can be successful, build good relationships, entertain new friends, improve your career opportunities, and make better use of the internet.

The internet is important for information, communication, business, education, and entertainment. Most businesses are using internet-based systems instead of traditional paper-based systems, so product information, sales, and support are 24 7 52 net services. Because English is the international business language, most internet pages are written in English.

For training managers, it's a valuable blended learning resource and supports your company's English language development strategy.

Medical Tools

The Importance Of Learning English.

An engineering company in Gothenburg makes medical tools. Although it was successful in Sweden, it now works with clinics and hospitals all around the world.

Note. The words success and succesful have an unusual pronunciation. The first part, suc, sounds like suck. The next part, cess, sounds like excess.

To compete and succeed in other countries, most people in the company need to speak, read, and write English. English is spoken at healthcare conferences, most phone calls and meetings are in English, designs are discussed in English, and contracts are written in English.

As a business owner or manager, you need to feel confident about international communication, conferences, multi-national projects, and contracts. And avoid expensive mis-understandings

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